33 m Explorer
Columbus 40SH
The design of the new Explorer M40 is an example of the Hydro Tec holistic design package with the exterior design, engineering and naval architecture all completed in harmony. This new mega yacht has been designed for an experienced Owner whose previous yacht was also an Explorer designed and styled by Hydro Tec. The input provided for this project were extremely valuable and were widely implemented to the design. The yacht has been designed for family living, as on board she has 3 generations of the same family. The brief for the exterior design was relatively simple, they wanted a design that was a modern and sleek design but still with an explorer feel. We gave her a blend of contemporary angular elements joined to classic curved proportions creating a design that is both elegant and timeless. With a high bow and main deck bulwark she keeps the identity of an explorer vessel when coupled with the visible mullion on the wheel house and external custom tender the explorer feeling holds true. Whilst designing the yacht a request from that owner was to completely cover the forward area of the sun deck, this offered a challenge, as the weight distribution aesthetically is difficult, but it led to a crown jewel on the yacht. Once we had the large hard top we were able to integrate a 360° view crow’s nest, designed to be a great vantage point when exploring. Accessibility on the yacht is also a crucial point as they planned to stay out at anchor for prolonged periods.

For this she is designed with a custom 7.5mt tender that has been specifically designed for ease of embarkation from the swimming platform. Located on the 2.4mt deep swimming platform we also have a large transformer that gives great access to the sea. The curved steps to the main deck are large and comfortable with a minimum width of 1mt and step depth of 270mm. With the request of the feel of a “real” explorer we design the bulwarks to be thick with the entire boat having the impression of strength and robustness.

We worked closely with the interior designer to create large well placed windows around the entire yacht. With the main deck salon having 4 large windows, 2 positioned in the lounge area which are 1.5 meters in length and 1 meter in height then the 2 windows either side of the dining table are 1.3 meters in length and also 1 meter in height. In the owners cabin we designed one large window which is 2.3 meters in length and 900mm in height with the addition of openable windows integrated.

The input from the owner was not just aesthetical but also to the practical use and behaviour of the yacht, as they plan to be on board for long periods of time. From the technical point of view, the Explorer M40 has all the characteristic features of the successful lines of Hydro Tec designed Explorers. With a steel hull, optimized using CFD methods and tank testing focused on the fuel economy, with a round bilge, bulbous bow and flat sections aft; the bow profile has been designed with beautifully classic flared lines which were created not purely for aesthetical purposes but to also help keeping the deck dry in rough seas.

The crews operations have been heavily considered on board the vessel during long voyages. With this in mind, we created a gallery running below the lower deck, this space allows the crew a sheltered passage from the crews quarters to the engine room and lazarette, it is also designed for the inspection of machineries, tank levels as well as housing the main piping and a huge amount of space for refrigerators and storage.

The external spaces are extremely substantial, according to the Owner’s wishes. The aft area of the main deck is very spacious and can be sheltered with sliding panels concealed in the fashion plates. The aft area of the upper deck is also very wide and shielded by the flybridge overhang and by the protective transparent panels on the sides.

The area forward of the wheelhouse, besides the big sunbathing area which discreetly hides the rescue boat, it also offers a nice lounge area for guests or crew. The M40 Explorer is a real seagoing yacht, ready to tackle all conditions and explore the planet.

Project n. / Reference:
40m Explorer
Cbi Navi
Building Material:
Main Dimension and Data:
Lenght [m]:39.70
Lenght, WL [m]:36.10
Beam Maximum [m]:8.60
Depth [m]:4.80
Draught, at full load [m]:2.70
Disp., at full load [t]:398
Tank Capacity:
Fuel Oil [l]:75000
Fresh Water [l]:8000
Power and Speed:
Main engines:Caterpillar C32 Acert 746kW@1600 rpm
Generators:3x60 kW
Speed, max [kn]:14
Speed, cruise [kn]:10.5
Hydro Tec Contribution:
Naval Architecture
Exterior design