The husband and the wife team of Silvia Himsolt and Sergio Cutolo are the co-founders and backbone of Hydro Tec.

 Over the last 25 years Hydro Tec has worked on a wide range of yachts involving nearly every type and every size, from the full displacement pocket explorers to all aluminum planing yachts, from the small tenders to the 80 meters Megayachts.


Founder and hydro tec's soul and mind


Sergio Cutolo was born in Napoli one of the most important sea cities of Italy, where the sea is an integral part of the land scape and for that, a natural source of fantasies, desires and passions.

From that Sergio Cutolo developed his passions for the marine element and he started to sail when he was very young with dinghies. The sailing experience taught the young boy that his passion was not only based on the pleasure to sail and to race, but also to understand how a boat behaves at sea and how it can do it better and better.




Silvia Himsolt was born in Germany, in the wonderful region of Bavaria, developing her passion for nature and environment, the love for horse riding and dreaming the sea. Having learned to sail windsurf she met a young boy, Sergio Cutolo, while spending her vacation in the wonderful atmosphere of Sorrento peninsula and later becoming his wife.

With a scientific backgroud and a strong interest in medicine and biology, after covering the position of field advisor, on the account of an american foundation in the research relating to innovative therapy for oncological diseases, Silvia Himsolt decided to join her husband in this new adventure and became co-founder of Hydro Tec, being in charge of all the non-technical aspects of the company.