M/Y Prima
M/Y Talisman C
One of the most challenging and thrilling projects in the Hydro Tec story

We were hired and worked directly for the owner of AIFOS to carry out all the engineering and the naval architecture of this boat. The owner was a Naval architect and had a precise and clear vision of what he wanted for his boat, and this made the project extremely thrilling.

A great work was done to keep the boat under 500GT. In order to reduce the volume of the enclosed areas not sacrificing the accommodations we worked hard to have the best coordination of all the technical aspects. Making a 50m under 500GT was extremely challenging at that time, because, even if today a similar request is more usual, when we did this project it was one of the first experiences for the market and many solutions were not common..

The first request that the client made was “ We must have less than 0.4 g at the extreme bow in sea force 4”, we deeply studied the hull forms in order to achieve this result and we carried out seakeeping tests on the model to confirm our design before to start. The result on the boat was amazing, the captain told us once that he sailed all over the night at 19 kn in rough sea and all the guests kept sleeping!!!

Project n. / Reference:
M/Y Aifos 
CBI Navi (Fipa Group) 
Building Material:
Aluminium Alloy 
Main Dimension and Data:
Lenght [m]:49.70
Lenght, WL [m]:42.90
Beam Maximum [m]:9.00
Depth [m]:4.35
Draught, at full load [m]:2.00
Disp., at full load [t]:350
Tank Capacity:
Fuel Oil [l]:80.000
Fresh Water [l]:12.500
Power and Speed:
Main engines:2 MTU 16V 4000 M93 (3120 kW @ 2100 rpm)
Generators:2 Northern Lights 150 kW + 1 Northern Lights 150 kW
Speed, max [kn]:24
Speed, cruise [kn]:22
Hydro Tec Contribution:
Naval Architecture