Explorer yachts: new trends
Hydro Tec unveils its latest concept: Sagasu 探す【さがす】
Explorer yachts: new trends
Hydro Tec unveils its latest concept: Sagasu 探す【さがす】

Ovada, September 20th, 2023

Hydro Tec to announce major expansion at 2023 MONACO YACHT SHOW


The Explorer concept has evolved considerably in recent years, from 2004 when the foundation stone of the first true yacht explorer, the Naumachos 82' m/y Bodry built at Cantiere Navale di Pesaro was laid downAfter 28 years in operation and nearly 200 yachts delivered or in-build, we are thrilled to announce a major expansion. In line with the industrial plan announced last year, we felt it was time to grow our portfolio of services by securing several new partnerships and investments to offer an even more comprehensive, full-stack offering. 

We are also pleased to share that we will be at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show, in the Design & Innovation Hub alongside some of the best designers and naval architects. Our team will be on hand, available to discuss our future plans, new offerings and partnership opportunities.

“The 25th anniversary of Hydro Tec, which we celebrated three years ago, has been both an achievement and a turning point,” says Sergio Cutolo, owner of Hydro Tec.

“Over the past three years, Hydro Tec has grown exponentially within a growing market, and we need to enhance, structure and respond to the success of our clients. One such development is our new ‘Uncharted Design Vision’ that transcends the traditional boundaries of design to explore new territories. Our Vision is to tackle each new design with an innovative and adventurous approach, allowing us to push conventional boundaries and create extraordinary solutions.”

Hydro Tec will be rebranded and internally restructured, to coincide and represent this expansion. We will subdivide Hydro Tec into three specialised business units with their own dedicated website and team – but of course, will all remain under the Hydro Tec brand. We already offer a complete design and engineering package, which has proven beneficial for any smaller and growing shipyards. Each individual division will be sharpened, refined and much larger than they are today.

Three distinctive Hydro Tec business units focused on their respective fields, yet all communicating together for a single, integrated and comprehensive range of services, will benefit all stakeholders throughout the entire ‘chain’, from shipyard to client. We will continue to offer flexible, tailor-made solutions and our offering is entirely customisable from a single service to the full-stack of engineering and design.

“Hydro Tec has been offering design services for a long time now, and we’re proud to have signed and drawn our 50th exterior design just a few months ago,” says Davide Minieri, Managing Director of Hydro Tec.

“We are expanding our services and each division will be fully autonomous – design included. Design will serve as the access point to fully enjoy the holistic and integrated package Hydro Tec offers; we are able to integrate, from the very onset of any project, all technical elements to create feasible and realisable concepts, actualising our moto:

‘Every technical detail is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Every aesthetic detail is thought up to be technically efficient.’”

Thanks to the number of new partnerships secured, we’ll also expand our technical offering. Hydro Tec will soon be the industry’s first design and engineering studio that offers everything from the preliminary sketch to the final steel cuts.

By taking the onus of all preliminary work before construction, we can streamline the whole build process by minimising the lines of communication. Instead of consorting with the many players required for such complex projects, we can now act as a single point of contact, pooling our talent, knowledge and expertise while simultaneously reducing risks, costs and lead times for any new build project, beneficial for all stakeholders.

“Throughout our history, we have worked with many shipyards with different approaches and core business activities,” Davide Minieri continues.

“And we realised they all face the same challenges: time and costs. By taking advantage of our integrated approach, shipyards can reduce around 30% of build time by having one point of contact. Our integrated approach also reduces costs and risks – a real and consistent advantage for clients.

What we offer is the opportunity for shipyards to concentrate on what they do best: building yachts.”

To find out more about our growth and rebranding plans, do stop by our stand in the Design & Innovation Hub. On display at our stand will be a model of our 65-metre explorer concept Vanguard; a huge touch screen that our designers will use for live drawing sessions throughout the event; and a 3D printer to print these designs and gadgets.

“I had the chance to attend the very first Monaco Yacht Show and, through the years, the event became an absolute reference for the industry,” says Sergio Cutolo. “Hydro Tec never took part, as an exhibitor, to any show, so far, and weare pleased that this happens now with the Show we consider the benchmark for the industry.”


Among the various initiatives, Hydro Tec will also be holding two conferences in the Design & Innovation Hub's conference hall:

- Thursday 28th September at 15:40: "Uncharted Design Visions: Setting the course for the new generation of Explorer Yachts."

- Friday 29th September at 15:40: "Charting a new Design Vision: Your island in the Mediterranean."

Further information about Hydro Tec Group is available via Hydro Tec.


For more informations: Myriam Cutolo at press@hydrotec.it


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