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Philosophy of Hydro Tec

Creative Naval Architecture is the synthesis of our approach to work. Being creative means having a proactive approach to problems together with the capability of looking at them from different perspectives and stretch your mind to move away from the common solutions and to always identify the most suitable solution.
This approach gives huge benefits to all aspects of our work, whether it is to complete the entire design and engineering or when we are working as part of a team. We strongly believe that an exchange between individual ideas always gets to best results and for this reason we promote teamwork in our company. We enjoy to bring our experience and our creativity into a teamwork environment with other designers and engineers sharing with them the aim to always get the best result.

We decided to approach yacht design and engineering with an holistic vision and a creative approach because throughout our experience we saw the industry continuously evolve and become more demanding both in terms of aesthetics and technical content.
Evidence of this evolution can be seen on the masts of the yachts, the number and dimensions of antennas has incredibly increased over last 20 years and their aesthetics cannot be sacrificed, the answer to these evolving problems, in our opinion can only be achieved by having a clear view of the issue and through the dialog between designers and technicians.
We enjoy working on always new and challenging proposals and our aim is to design yachts able to offer the guests a wide variety of experiences, containing multiple toys and amenities, being comfortable both for fun and for business, being able to reach far and complicated destinations, being performing and eco-friendly.