"Celebrations always lead us to take stock of the past." Sergio Cutolo says

"The 25 years of Hydro Tec instead mean the projection into the future of our studio,
which has always been committed to innovation"

Hydro Tec was founded in 1995 as an Engineering Company, specialized in Hydrodynamics, to capitalize on the experience of its founder in the field of fast hull design for commercial and leisure purposes. Over the years, the studio has been able to evolve towards a dimension that now embraces the whole part of Naval Architecture and Engineering also associating an undisputed ability in the field of Design.

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    The seasons of life offer different shades to the concept of fun and vacation ... I am particularly satisfied with my current yacht, the “Northern Star” designed by the engineer Sergio Cutolo, a perfect synthesis of comfort, elegance, and harmony of spaces and functions.
    In every recipe, in every chemical formula, in every successful product there is always an element that makes everything unique and special. There are no doubts. Just as there are no doubts that, without Sergio, Cantiere delle Marche would not be what it is today.
    Co-founders of Cantiere delle Marche
  • MICHAEL BREMEN - Sales Director
    He also taught me that Froude is actually a number, and not a Norwegian composer ! That things that look pretty on the water generally perform well, and he instilled on me that the light hearted approach to life spiced with just enough of structure and seriousness is the only way to live.
  • GIUSEPPE PALUMBO - CEO of Palumbo Superyachts
    I respect Sergio and his team for the great work they have done over the years, for their unparalleled professionalism but above all for the extraordinary passion they put into everything they do. Full speed ahead!
    GIUSEPPE PALUMBO - CEO of Palumbo Superyachts
    And so I conclude by saying “Bravo Sergio! Thank you". You are an artistic master of technology and a technical interpreter of art. A pleasure and an honour to have thought, worked, laughed, and eaten (well) with you.
    President of Rosetti Superyachts
  • JIMMY BRODDESSON - yacht broker since 2002
    No one has taught me more about yachts , details & construction then Sergio Cutolo…. and he always meet you with this life balance, where you always learn something new and you always have an amazing lunch or dinner at the same time…. And if you are lucky he also starts to sing for you ….
    JIMMY BRODDESSON - yacht broker since 2002
  • MARC-UDO BROICH - Chairman & CEO
    Collaborating with Sergio enables us to work together to integrate our company’s philosophy and respected principals, while he carefully listens to each of our customers intently, ensuring that every AICON becomes their true vision and reality.
    MARC-UDO BROICH - Chairman & CEO
    Aicon Group & Aicon Yachts
  • STEFANO CARLETTI - Adventurer and Writer
    I was immediately struck by your cordial welcome, as a Neapolitan gentleman, and you listened to me carefully without ever interrupting me, except for short questions, and without objecting as many of your colleagues had done. When we said goodbye, you said to me: “It can be done. Give me a week’s time and I'll be able to tell you something".
    STEFANO CARLETTI - Adventurer and Writer
  • ROBERTO LOTTINI - Founder and President
    It was 1992 and Sergio, even though he was a young engineer, surprised me with his professionalism, knowledge of naval engineering and his natural friendliness. From that moment on, we started meeting regularly, sharing unforgettable moments with family, friends and work.
    ROBERTO LOTTINI - Founder and President
    Paolo and Sergio, what is there to say, coffee with milk, strawberries with cream, inspiration with technicality Without exaggerating, perfection.
  • MARIN ABRAM - Captains and 1st Officer view
    Divine still is a well-designed and well-built yacht. It has the advantage of having been designed by Hydrotec and constructed by a substantial commercial ship building and refit company - Palumbo. Her sexy design will turn heads still for a long time
    MARIN ABRAM - Captains and 1st Officer view
    MY Divine