• Engineering

    The expertise of Hydro Tec extend to all aspects of the engineering of a yacht. The wide expertise and the ability to carry out the design from basic engineering to detail that makes Hydro Tec the ideal partner for both private clients and for shipyards.
    Over the years Hydro Tec gained a broad and deep understanding of all the solutions available in the industry in terms of components and materials and,today, the company give particular attention to the research on the possibilities given by the most recent technologies.
    Hydro Tec’s aim is to always know how to choose the solution that best suits the needs of the project.

    The engineering services that Hydro Tec is able to provide are:

    • Structures Design;
    • Machinery installation;
    • Ship systems design;
    • Propulsion and maneuvering system design;
    • Fitting out design;
    • Nesting;
    • Piping.
  • Structures design

    Structural design at Hydro Tec is carried out using the most advanced FEM technologies as well as a rule and experience based approach. The maximum effort is devoted to find light and efficient solutions with minimal impact on the yacht accessibility.

  • Machineries Installation

    This is one of the aspects where Hydro Tec pushed greatly its analysis to optimize the use of technical spaces and reduce their impact on the boat living areas without compromising the accessibility of the machineries.

    “Integration” was our answer to this problem, this means having clear outlook over the entire design process since the first drafts to the final workshop drawings, what is needed and where. This approach is very helpful both when we perform the entire design and when we work as consultants for parts of the project.

  • Ship systems design

    This is one of the aspect of the ship design, that, in our opinion has most changed. Today yachting systems are always getting more complex and demanding in terms of usability, flexibility and reliability often reaching the standards common to commercial ship. Hydro Tec’s research kept up the evolution of this aspect over the years and is today able to offer an extremely experienced and professional service in this field.

  • Propulsion and manouvering systems

    Hydro Tec is able to provide a complete and professional advisory service for the choice of the most suitable propulsion and maneuvering systems and of all their components as well as the complete design of the systems.

    Over the years we gained experience in the use of all kinds of propulsion system jets, surface propellers, Fixed and variable pitch propellers, podded systems and of gearing system Conventional engines, diesel electric and hybrid. On the Hybrid system research at Hydro Tec is, today one of the most advanced in yacht industry.

  • Fitting out design

    Hydro Tec gained, over the years, a wide experience in the detailed design of all the fittings on board of a yacht. This expertise is today a great support to the design to find the best solutions in terms of aesthetic, ergonomic and accessibility.

  • Nesting

    Hydro Tec is able to provide all the workshop drawings and the cutting files of the structures. Our team is able to interact, directly or through the shipyard technical office, with the production to find the most easy and profitable solutions.

  • Piping

    Piping is another aspect that, in our opinion, has a big impact on the boat accessibility and for this reason we pay great attention to detail. At Hydro Tec the piping starts since the first layout and is taken in consideration through the whole design, everything is designed having already in mind a rough idea of the final result, for example we design structures already “piping ready”.
    This approach have given a proven advantage in terms of costs and building time.

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Yacth design

Design at hydro Tec goes beyond the pure aesthetic exercise, our designers always find the equilibrium between form and function. The purpose of our designers is that what is presented to the customer, since the first draft, is as close as possible to reality. This never mean to mortify the appearance, rather, the aim is to push forwardthe design to find solutions that are innovative but rational and not forced.


The Depp knowledge of the yacht industry is a big plus that Hydro Tec can share with its clients. Hydro Tec gained the expertise and broad knowledge needed to engage in the widest range of services.

Over the years, many companies have addressed,with profit, to Hydro Tec also for the following services:

  • Bidding and budgeting package for private owners;
  • Technical consultancy;
  • Shipyard start up advising.

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